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WISEFAB=Subaru Impreza 1992-2007 Rear Drop Knuckle Kit

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Subaru Impreza is good performance car designed for rally. Because of its good performance it’s more and more used for grip racing aswell. Lowering the car will give more grip and better handling, but then the factory designed kinematics won’t work as they are supposed to. Wisefab Subaru Impreza uprights / knuckles bring the roll center, bumpsteer, anti-squat and camber curve back to normal range, provide better roll stiffness, handling and grip.

  • -1 kg lighter over OEM knuckle / upright
    But still maintaining required strength and stiffness
  • Rollcenter correction
    -50mm drop from the knuckle / upright
  • 2000 - 2007 WRX/STI 72x42x52 wheel bearing needs to be used
    Either 5x100 hub (28462FE001) or 5x114,3 hub (28462FE011) can be used. Both are for STI/WRX 72x42x52 wheel bearing
  • Brake caliper tabs moved to upright / knuckle
    In OEM solution the rear brake caliper attached to the dust shield. Wisefab solution provides higher stiffness for brake caliper
  • OEM handbrake fitmet
    OEM handbrake can be used, but the brake caliper tabs need to be removed for clearance
  • CrMo sphericals
    Traction link bushing replaced with spherical bearing

Kit includes:

  • Knuckles with hardware
  • Installation guide

Other information:

  • Can be used with OEM shock and spring, but bigger benefit can be achieved with lower springs or aftermarket coliovers.
  • Original wheel speed sensor can be used
  • This knucle can be used on GC, GD Imprezas and SF, SG Foresters.