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WISEFAB=Nissan R35 GT-R Front Suspension Drop Knuckle Kit

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Nissan GT-R R35 is a great performance car, but the ride height is still designed for street use and going over speedbumps without scraping the underbody. Lowering the car will give more grip and better handling, but then the factory designed kinematics won’t work as they are supposed to. If the kinematics are out of range, than mechanical grip is decreased and this also influences aerodynamical grip as the kinematics support less roll, squat and pitch. 

  • Higher roll center (RC)
    Our Nissan GT-R front kit brings the RC, bump steer and camber curve into normal range, provides better roll stiffness, handling and grip on a lowered car
  • Dual kinematics setup 
    Uprights have two attachment points. One is for lowered ride height with standard 710mm (28“) diameter wheels and second set of points is for either small wheels (that are required by some series rules) with lowered ride height or for standard wheel with standard ride height.
  • Adjustable shock motion ratio
    Shock motion ratio can be adjusted by changing the shocks position on the arm. It can be done quickly and has the effect of changing the spring rate. This means that understeer or oversteer can be removed within a few minutes
  • CrMo rod ends and sphericals used instead of OEM style bushings
  • Quicker steering ratio
    Steering ratio is slightly quicker compared to OEM.
  • Easy camber and caster adjustments
  • 7075-T6 aluminium billet CNC knuckles 
    With optimized double shear design that provides low weight and high strength
  • Designed for bigger CV joints 
    Nissan GT-R R35 CV joints are good to handle big power, but for any case if the power and grip exceed their limits, then the uprights have room for bigger CV joints if needed

Kit includes:

  • Pre-set upper and lower arms
  • Knuckles with hardware
  • Rearward mounting bracket
  • Assembled tie rods
  • Installation guide


Other information

  • This kit assumes coilovers
  • Original wheel speed sensor can be used