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WISEFAB = BMW E36 Rear Rally Suspension Kit for E36 188Diff

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An entry level rear suspension upgrade. This kit can be installed with the OEM TYP188 final drive. With a Wisefab E36 Rally suspension you will achive a better ground clearence and get more suspension travel. Which is crutial for rally where more grip and speed is needed. You can upgrade your Wisefab E36 rally kit with a bigger final drive like TYP210  or E60M final drive. This aquires only a new mounting adapter and can be purchased separately from the kit. There is also room for bigger halfshafts. Check out Wisefab’s Dynamic halfshafts: Wisefab Dynamic Halfshaft Kit. And you can buy a strut riser kit which enables a 125mm longer coilover to be mounted at the rear. You can find those here: BMW E36 Strut Riser Kit 

Every Wisefab product has spare parts listed on the product page. Scroll down to order your spare parts here.


BMW E36 Complete Rear Axle for Rally

  • The main idea with Wisefab axle is to have better kinematics for long stroke and soft suspension and therefore more rear grip, especially sidegrip in the corners on throttle. Some kinematic differences are less rollcentre migration, good camber gain at rideheight, but smaller at full droop compare to original, different antisquat curve, less scrub(track change) with vertical movement, good bumpsteer etc.
  • Better ground clearance. Arms and links are placed higher to have less risk of hitting rocks with suspension components. That could also end up with lowered rideheight with better handling and more grip.
  • BMW TYP 210 differential. The differential is a structural part of rear subframe. The bolt on for Wisefab axle is E60 M5 differential, which has a flange for bigger inner CV joint or we have a bracket to fit E32/E34 TYP 210 LSD or with different bracket E36 TYP 210 LSD differential, that was used only with 3.2liter engine.
  • 7075-T6 billet CNC machined differential cover. The rear differential cover is also structural part, therefore it is made of 7075-T6 aluminium. It is stronger and has slighly bigger oil capacity.
  • Subframe, links and arms are made of high strength steel to have required strength. Subframe, arms links and uprights are designed the way that in case of damage, the arms are the first to brake as these are the easiest to replace .
  • Motion ratio (shock stroke /wheel stroke) is 0,935, when originally it is 1,1. It would give 17% more wheeltravel. For example with 200mm shock absorber stroke the Wisefab axle wheeltravel is 216mm, when originally it has 184mm with the same shock absorber stroke. On spring stiffness side it means that about 35% stiffer springs should be used compared to original axle to get the same wheelrate.
  • Halfshafts are equal length for ease of replacements.
  • Room for bigger CV joints. The uprights and subframe is designed to fit much stronger 120mm diameter CV joints that can be found from E60M and E90M. (CV-s and shafts are not included in the kit)
  • Tested with 260mm stroke shock absorbers, which made 280mm of wheeltravel.
  • Room left for 2x62mmOD muffler tubes.
  • If wheelspeed reading is important, then E90 rear wheelbearings should be used instead of E36 M3 ones and E90 wheelspeed sensor, that attaches to upright.
  • All the components are zink coated.