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Wilwood Brake Bias Valve 260-12627

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The new generation of adjustable proportioning valves combines the latest refinements to deliver precise pressure metering and strength from a compact forged billet design. Pressure adjustments range from 100-1000 PSI and provide for a maximum decrease of 57% in line pressure, the most of any available valve. Adjuster knob with fine thread tuning provides precise pressure adjustment. This adjustment lets you fine tune the front to rear braking balance by proportionally decreasing the rear brake line pressure. Valves weigh only 147 grams and have two 6.35mm side mounting holes spaced 25.4mm apart. This valve varies from our standard Knob Style Proportioning valve, as the inlet and outlet ports are 10MM X 1 bubble flare seats and do not require tube nut adapters to directly install tubing with bubble flare 10MM x 1 nuts.

Vehicle Compatibility: 
- Universal fit and can be made to fit any vehicle.

Will this fit my car?
The Wilwood brake bias valve is a universal fit and can be made to fit any vehicle.

What's the advantage of using the Wilwood brake bias valve?
This part allows you to adjust the brake bias in the brake line the bias valve is fitted to, simply by turning the adjustment knob.

What modifications are required, is this hard to fit?
The valve can be mounted anywhere, you may need to make modifications depending on where you desire the vale to be situated.

Is there anything else needed for installation?

You will need to source brake lines separately, but in terms of the valve it will arrive as shown in the product photo.

Can I install this myself? If so how long will installation take?
Yes, the valve is very easy to install. Simply fit the valve where you desire and tighten the lines to the valve referencing the OEM torque specs. Then you will need to top up the brake fluid and bleed the brake system. However, being the brake system we recommend only a trained professional to install this product.