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Open Element “Fast Response” IAT Temp Sensor, 1/8" NPT, -30 to 150degC

Closed Element Fluid Temp Sensor, 1/8" NPT, -30 to 200degC

Unlike others on the market with a “one type temp range suits all” approach, these sensors have custom chosen elements to operate within the temperature scales of motorsport cars and not your usual lower OEM factory temperatures. These scales ensure the largest voltage gaps between ECU pull-up readings for the most accurate output, and to minimize ground gitters in problematic wiring harnesses.

All shells in the 'MSTS SS' series are stainless steel, open element sensor tips are one piece with no plastic for harsh high-pressure environments.

The closed element sensors are filled with a thermal transfer compound and not hollow like others! This will ensure an even and fast temperature reading is registered by the element.

They have completely sealed internals, including dipped epoxy and affixed to multi strand tinned wire that is high temp coated. This minimises shorts and breaks between the element and the connector caused by harsh vibration and corrosion often seen in exposed rigid single core wired sensor equivalents.

Elements are affixed to gold plated Deutsch DTM pins (0460-202-2031) and overmolded with PA66 high temp composite plastic housing to ensure a perfect fit for any 2pin Deutsch DTM06-2S connector.

Most important feature we feel is they're Aussie made! Syltech assembles and tests all these sensors in house.