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Mac Valve

Boost Solenoids! We now stock the popular model 3 & 4 Port MAC Valves to be able to fine-tune the control of your wastegate diaphragms. These valves have been around the automotive industry for quite some time, often rebranded from MAC Valve but the same none the less! They’ve proven to last the test of time and a must for most builds with conventional wastegates.

Unfortunately, due to their popularity, there are a lot of fakes circulating the market for a fraction of the price that “seem” to perform. We’ve seen enough rusted out seized clones to know otherwise and although infinite boost may seem like an amazing idea with a seized shut solenoid, your motor might think otherwise… buy genuine and support the industry!

We offer the traditional 3 Port 35 series model 35A-AAA-DDBA-1BA but have varied slightly with the 4port model. We have chosen the more power-efficient 46 series with a recessed manual operator top opposed to the commonly used 45 series (46A-AA1-JDBA-1BA).

All valves come with brackets that include rubber sleeved mounting holes to absorb vibrations and ensure the lifespan on the solenoid. They also include a DTM connector set, dual sized alloy barbs and a brass filter depending on your desired configuration.