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Splitfire Coilpacks Super Direct Di Ignition System - Nissan Cedric/Laurel/Stagea/Skyline

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Product: Super Direct DI Ignition System
Part Num: SF-DIS-008

Kit Includes:
- Ignition Coils

- Increases horsepower at the top end of the RPM band
- Ensures and maintains maximum energy supplied to the spark plugs
- Reduces incomplete combustion caused by misfire
- Eliminates RFI (radio frequency interference) by eliminating the need for a wire set
- Easy installation designed to fit the high performance engine

Use SF-DIS-008 for:
- Cedric/Gloria ENY34
- Laurel HC35
- Laurel GC35, GNC35, GCC35 With RB25DE(T) Engine
- Skyline ER34, ENR34
- Stagea WHC34 With RB20DE Engine
- Stagea WGC34, WGNC34 With RB25DE Engine after 8/987
- Stagea WGNC34 With RB25DET Engine after 8/98

Nissan Cedric/Gloria ENY34 RB25DET (06/1999-11/2001)
Nissan Cedric/Gloria ENY34 RB25DET (12/2001-10/2004)
Nissan Laurel GC35 RB25DET (06/1997-08/2002)
Nissan Laurel GCC35 RB25DET (06/1997-08/2002)
Nissan Laurel HC35 RB20DE (06/1997-08/2002)
Nissan Stagea WGC34 RB25DE (08/1998-09/2001)
Nissan Stagea WGC34 RB25DET (08/1998-09/2001)
Nissan Stagea WGNC34 RB25DE (08/1998-09/2001)
Nissan Stagea WGNC34 RB25DET (08/1998-09/2001)
Nissan Stagea WGNC34 RB26DETT (08/1998-09/2001)
Nissan Stagea WHC34 RB20DE (08/1997-07/1998)
Nissan Stagea WHC34 RB20DE (08/1998-09/2001)

This system replaces the original equipment coil pack and ignition wires with a direct ignition coil on plug system. The increased ignition performance found with the SplitFire Super Direct Ignition System is a must for all racing and performance enthusiasts. The Super Direct Ignition System is designed to provide a constant, stable voltage for the a high performance engine and will decrease ignition voltage loss at high RPM levels.