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Skyline R34 GTR conversion east bear body kit. Side skirts only

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R34 GTR bodykit conversion East bear Style body kit for GT/GTT

Beautiful kit with perfect fitment.

**NO GTR hinges needed**
**NO GTR Supports Needed**
**No Fender raise or GTR fenders needed**
** NO GTR bonnet Catch needed**

This kit is designed for GT/GTT and using all factory GT/GTT items for fitting. Kit includes following:

2x Side skirts
2x Side skirts attach

This kit is molded from genuine east bear kit from our shop. All other kits are replica products off our shop

Attached with some examples of finish product from us, pay close attention to the bonnet-bumper gaps of our car and other sellers car.

the results speaks for itself.

We are proud to take photos close up photo of our finished cars.
Most picture from other seller taken pictures from a distance to hide poor fitment
We only develop and sell product because they are trialed and tested.

Body kit is made off quality fiberglass with primer coat on top. Professional install is a MUST as results are largely depending on the skill and knowledge of the shop with this kit. some welding may require to fit this kit perfectly.

Further question let us know