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Plazmaman - Nissan Navara ST-X 550 Upgrade Tube & Fin Intercooler Only

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Plazmaman is the home of the most tried and proven V6 550 Navara/Pathfinder Intercooler upgrade. Just ask around, there are hundreds of customers who have been using these intercoolers for some years now and get their opinion on the build quality and performance of their Heavy Duty AUSSIE made item.

The factory Nissan 550 intercoolers are known to split around the lower side tubes, due to having plastic end tanks.

We've solved the problem here at Plazmaman! With our upgraded Tube & Fin intercooler, which not only replaces the factory plastic end tank intercooler, but also offers at lease 50% more flow and 60% + more surface area than the OEM item.

This unit bolts straight in with no modification what so ever, meaning no clearance issues with winches and bull bars. Torque and power is gained through the rev range (See blue line on dyno sheet )

The Intercooler is available in Black finish only.

** We also have upgraded Air Intake hose and piping kits available to suit this V6 550 intercooler. These can be either purchased now, or separately later on. We also have his Intercooler available as a kit option in Diesel Section**

Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 70 × 30 × 20 cm