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Plazmaman 4B11T - Evo 10 Intake manifold and Billet fuel rail. - 4 and 8 Injector options.

This inlet manifold was designed utilizing over 25 years of experience at the forefront of turbo technology. Plazmaman has taken all the key design areas into account, included runner length, taper and inlet volume. With precision TIG welding by our in-house experts at our Sydney Facility, this allows us to guarantee these inlets with a life time workmanship warranty and a 200psi rating at any rpm level.

These manifolds were designed for the Mitsubishi EVO 10 4B11T Engine 

Plazmaman inlet manifolds utilize some of the most advanced manufacturing techniques. The inlet manifold dome uses a hard temper 3mm sheet alloy surface, that has been made to shape in house with advanced forming techniques.

An added feature of these manifolds is that they can be ordered and manufactured specifically to suit 4, or 8 injector operation. For both injector options, we include our CNC machined fuel rails which can be used as a single or dual feed. These CNC fuel rails accept 14mm top feed injectors and comes with all mounting hardware, including stainless steel fasteners and CNC spacers/brackets.

Our 4B11T Inlet Manifold can be made to suit a number of our universal or the increasingly popular Bosch Motorsport DBW throttle bodies.

Our manifolds are offered with, or without a provision for the factory IAC (idle air controller). A lot of race cars would not run the IAC, as most of these cars are run by independent standalone ECUs.

These manifolds can be supplied in 3 finishes, Raw, Polished, or powercoated Black, for the stealth look.

As with all Plazmaman inlet manifolds, these are packed with many features such as:

  • Lightweight and rigid design.
  • Precision case Runners with Smooth tapper
  • 3mm smooth design plenum dome.
  • Tapered RAM tubed runners.
  • Professionally TIG welded in house by our highly-experienced fabricators.
  • Ergonomic appeal.
  • Lifetime warranty on workmanship

*** PLAZMAMAN also has a range of Flow matched fuel injectors available in the Fuel System Section of this online shop - these will make a great addition to your intake purchase . Any Injector you can not see please feel free to email/contact us, as we can source them ***


 plazmaman 66mm ( +AUD $565.00 ) 

 plazmaman 72mm ( +AUD $585.00 ) 

 plazmaman 85mm ( +AUD $630.00 )

 bosch DBW 68 ( +AUD $340.00 ) 

 bosch DBW 74 ( +AUD $335.00 ) 

 bosch DBW 82 ( +AUD $335.00 )

 i already have a Plazamaman or Bosch T/B ( please specify below ) 

 oem evo 10 ( not recommended ) 

* THROTTLE POSITION SENSOR. ( Not required if using bosch DBW ) 

oem or aftermarket DBW ( not required ) 

plazmaman universal 3-wire ( +AUD $139.00 ) 

variohm contactless ( +AUD $249.00 ) 



Weight 13 kg
Dimensions 70 × 30 × 20 cm