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Plazmaman - Mitsubishi Triton MN 2009 – 2016 2.5L 4WD Performance Intercooler Kit

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Introducing Plazmaman's latest high performance upgrade intercooler kit for Mitsubishi MN Triton 2.5L 4WD 2009-2016 Model. (Variable vane Turbo version).

550x255x76mm Tube and Fin Core - Aussie made Quality Intercooler.

This intercooler is the lightest (6.8kgs) and most durable on the open market. It is designed to be rigid and tough, utilizing heavy duty core tubes to withstand rough conditions, whilst at the same time giving you the performance to tackle heavy towing and very hot touring conditions.

This upgrade intercooler has 120% more surface area than the OEM unit. It will increase bottom end torque, improve top end horsepower, and 30% lower air temperature than factory. Providing more consistent air temperature, allows you to run higher boost pressures to achieve your required level of power.

Plazmaman only uses ISO manufacturer quality cores and components to suit.

All parts required for fitment are supplied to make this an easy bolt in item, and the product is available in Raw Finish, or Stealth Black.

Due to the increased size of this intercooler, automatic vehicles are required to relocate the transmission cooler.


Weight 11 kg
Dimensions 70 × 30 × 15 cm