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SR Integrated Main Cap Brace

We are proud to release this long-awaited masterpiece, all in 1 Man cap Brace that now utilises everything we have learnt and all evolution of our standard OEM overlay brace but this time we have included billet main caps and incorporated the block brace itself in a one-piece unit!

You have heard or tried billet main caps, which do not offer block twist protection at all, they are also hard to pin down, they want to float.

The usual billet main cap is also usually too hard, the harder the better you would think! WRONG, hard singular main caps do not absorb or disperse energy and shock, it bounces it straight back into the crank and con rods, and unless you are running alloy rods you will notice diminished bearing and rotating assembllife

An integrated main cap brace offers all the positives combines with none of the negatives. Benefits includinenergy and shock disbursement, much better twist protection, and no chance of main cap movement, even less chance of cracking the main cap.

With all the real data and testing we have done over the last 10 years with our braces we figured it was time to release our latest brace creation SR 7075 integrated main cap brace for the mighty SR, after much demand for the ultimate solution.

This brace has excellent thermal expansion properties closely matched to your OEM Cast Alloy

Block face is O-ring aided for ease of sealing.

Anodized in 5 following standard colours Red, Blue, Purple, Black, Silver with all other PRP colours optional.

RRP $2350 plus M11 direct replacement stud $ 320

Note: Special bolts are required and there are 2 options.

Stud option 1: Standard thread is M11, the bolt needs to be 5.350 inches in length, no mods to the brace or block

Stud option 2: inch stud 5.350 inches long, both brace will need to be drilled 1mm, and block modified to accept the new stud