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The wiring loom is manufactured with new OEM plugs, braid covered, dual heat shrunk joinery.

RB Wiring Looms

We carry an extensive selection of wiring looms specifically manufactured for our R35 coil pack conversions into the RB engine.

  •  All RB looms are manufactured with Tefzel wire.
  •  12 AWG upgraded wire size as per Brad
  • Dual wall heat shrunk joins
  • Perfectly sized loom ends that meet each coil without excess wire or buldges like you would expect from a custom loom.
  • Braides external sheath


Our premade harnesses are aimed at the high-level streetcar and club track day specifications. They have been changed and redesigned over the years to adapt to the ever growing needs of the car performance industry. They are the perfect length to fit our ignition kits without any overhang and clumping of wires and are designed to fit all variant models.

At present, our plug & play harnesses include the following:

  • EFTE high-temperature grade wiring twisted tinned copper. (See Mil-22759 Tefzel for further specifications).
  • Cold crimped junctions and connector pins, strictly no solder used.
  • Expandable PET braided sheathing, cut with a hot knife to minimise fraying.
  • All joins and braided ends are formed together with glue lined heat shrink, also known as dual wall heat shrink
  • Larger power and ground feed wires to endure the upgraded current draw.

QA Testing:

  • Harnesses are pinned as per factory wiring and verified to OEM wiring diagrams.
  • All harnesses are pretested on our bench testers to confirm no breaks and correct continuity per pin with minimal resistance to ensure a 100% working product.

As there are many RB engine variants, we have a flow chart that will help you work out which loom you need.