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Please click on the link to learn more about the coil bracket you need for your engine
SR Bracket Flow Chart

This new generation coil kit has been specifically designed as an upgraded direct drop-in replacement for all SR engines, we have simplified our current 4 SR kits and rolled them all into 2, now covering every SR ever made, including the VVL and GTIR engines.

These coil kits incorporate Genuine Hitachi R35 GTR Ignition coils and put out near much higher than OEM power output (test results due soon), the R35 coil kit can be used as a direct plug-in for OEM Ecu's as well as any other aftermarket ECU available, to maximize performance use the dwell data that can be found on our web page.

Key Features:
* Billet Alloy anodized bracket is engineered to fit all ignition coils in a way that allows user-friendly access to all the coil plugs and spark plugs in a non-invasive manner.

* Kit includes custom height quality one-piece silicone injected spark plug stalks that seal the spark plug well, avoiding water pooling and inherent engine misfires.

* Custom-made springs already fitted inside the stalks make for extremely fast installation as well as no trimming of springs required

* Coil kit fits well under the valley cover without ANY modification.

* Kit no longer needs the coil clip to hold down number 1 coil, but we have included it anyway to give the user some extra reassurance.

* Bench tested, club motorsport grade branded harness, high temp Tefzel wire and crimp joins used with OEM connectors and glue lined heat-shrink

* Genuine OEM Hitachi coils are rated to 1800 hp and come with a 1-year warranty.

* Bolt kit included caters for the 6 ignition coils and billet bracket to head.

* Standard colours are now Black, Purple, Red, Silver, Blue with custom order colours Gold, Teal, Green, Teal, Orange, Grey.

* All parts sold separately

* Lifetime warranty on all PRP products.