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Based on the IGN1A smart coils found on Mercury boat engines, our new IGN2A Coils are the next step up from our VR38 Coil kits. The IGN1A coils have tested off the carts in our previous mJ shootout video, so we decided to modify it slightly and produce a better product, the IGN2A!

The IGN2A retains the same physical shell as the IGN1A, however we have tweaked the primary and secondary windings to squeeze their efficiency with 5% more mJ energy output, as well as 5% less current draw! This was the maximum efficiency we could achieve inside the OEM shell, however we now have a superior product at no extra cost compared to its predecessor. To further expand the development on these coils, we have produced a universal straight 6-cylinder harness to accompany them and have also optioned connections to suit.

Our harness is made with ultimate performance in mind, it has dual 3 coil branch 16awg to 12awg power and ground feeds which terminate into the larger DTP series Deutsch family to ensure these big puppies get enough juice! Or, if you prefer, we stock both ‘Pull to Seat’ and the newer custom motorsport style ‘Push to Seat’ connectors to suit your own wire-up!