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Plazmaman - Ford Everest 3.2ltr Hot Side Upgrade Intercooler Hose

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Plazmaman Designed and patented Ford Everest 3.2L Diesel 2015+ Hot side upgraded silicone hose.

Awesome increases in throttle response and mid range torque over OEM hot pipe design.

This hose features and high temperature silicone hose construction, with a special internal OIL RESISTANT layer of silicone compound. This hose will not swell due to oil exposure.

We guarantee that there is no similar performing hose on the open market.


  • Special reinforced Silicone construction.
  • Silicone nomex Oil and heat resistant layer – special Plazmaman design.
  • Shortens the hot side by approx 30-40% in length.
  • Awesome increases in throttle response and torque through out the rpm range.
  • Supplied with quality stainless hose clamps.
  • Available in OEM Black only.

Direct bolt on item ( please be aware that due to the length and design of the OEM item , it may take 15-30mins to remove the factory hose depending on your skill level )

Additional information

Weight 1.3 kg
Dimensions 40 × 20 × 20 cm