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Avoid wasting time shopping around for all the individual parts, getting custom brake lines made up or running generic parts that may or may not work and use the only kit on the market that allows the use of the OEM drum handbrake. This kit literally includes everything required other than the calipers. If you want your rear brakes to lock up in an instant, this kit is the way to go. 

This kit has everything you need to set up a dual caliper hydro handbrake in your car, just BYO calipers. 

The contents: 

Handbrake assembly: 
Self explanatory, this is the handbrake assembly that houses the lever and master cylinder. 

Handbrake handle:
This beautifully crafted CNC machined aluminium lever has been designed with ergonomics in mind whilst being aesthetically pleasing. Eg. it is comfortable and it looks good. Choose between silver, black, blue, pink, purple, red, orange, gold or neo chrome. 

Master cylinder:
Choose between 5/8" and 3/4". For most setups our recommendation is 5/8" but more on that below in the FAQ's. 

Chassis specific handbrake mount:
Our chassis specific handbrake mounts are designed to ensure that our handbrake assembly can be fitted in an optimal position without the need to cut or drill into your transmission tunnel. These handbrake mounts are side mounted and require no trimming to the center console. This is an optional item and not required if you don't mind drilling holes into your car or want to mount the hydro within the center console. 

Braided lines:
Made in-house in Australia using quality HEL stainless steel fittings and using stainless steel braided line with a PTFE outer these lines are made specifically to suit Nissan S/R chassis' and even include the P clips to locate the line throughout your vehicle.

Dual caliper brackets:
The GKTECH dual caliper bracket is used to physically mount the secondary caliper. This kit is by far the best kit on the market and also allows the use of the drum brake. If you are running aftermarket knuckles that already have the provision for dual caliper brackets (like our soon to be released knuckles) then you don't need this bracket and it can be de-selected. 

Dual caliper bracket handbrake bolt kit:
This is an add on piece to our dual caliper brackets that allows you to use the OEM handbrake setup for parking. Highly recommended!

Vehicle Compatibility:

- Toyota ZN6 86 
- Subaru ZC6 BRZ


Can I still use my drum handbrake?Yep, you sure can. Our kit is the only that I'm aware of that allows this. It bolts straight up with no modifications required to get your drum working as it was previously. Note that the additional custom mount we make is required in order to use the drum handbrake (sold separately)Will these work with "insert caliper here"?This kit has been designed for use with the OEM 86/BRZ calipers. There are 3 variants that were used across various versions and all can be used. The only caveat to this is that you must use matching calipers. Eg. if your vehicle uses Brembo calipers, you must use a matching Brembo caliper (and rotor)Is there anything else needed for installation?Yes, everything is included in the kit with the only exception of the brake calipers (maybe $100 or so a pair from a wreckers?) and brake fluid. We include EVERYTHING else! BYO tools. How do I know which size master cylinder to choose?Typically the 5/8 master cylinder is our go-to, the lever feel with this master is balanced, having a longer more typical throw to gauge feel while still efficiently locking the rear brakes. The 3/4 master cylinder is larger, so when used in that same setup the lever feel will be more direct, firmer, and require less throw to lock the rear brakes. However, if you are running larger brake calipers such as the OEM Brembos and a large wheel/tyre setup and do want a bit more bite, we would suggest this master cylinder.Will this kit work with aftermarket knuckles?Our brackets are designed to be used with the OEM knuckles. They can NOT be used with aftermarket knuckles. If you're running aftermarket knuckles with dual caliper provision already simply de-select the bracket option.