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The GKTECH ZN6 86/BRZ bolt on angle kit is a simple, lightweight, yet super effective bolt on steering kit.

It is a bolt on kit, meaning it can be fitted and removed with no modifications. A completely reversible install.

With 30% faster steering these are suitable for both the dedicated drift cars whilst working equally as well for a grip/street car looking to speed your steering up.

If you own one of these vehicles, you would know the OEM steering angle on the GT86 sucks! We measured them to having less than 40 degrees lead wheel and even less trailing. This kit will allow you to get around 60 degrees of lock lead wheel and with adjustable ackerman you can acheive near parallel front steering.

More information on this can be seen in the FAQ below.

- 30% faster steering
- Adjustable ackerman
- Circa 60 degrees of steering lock 

Vehicle Compatibility:
- Toyota ZN6 GT86 
- Subaru ZC6 BRZ

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Does installing this kit require a wheel alignment?Yes, it alters both toe so a wheel alignment will be required after installation.Will this fit my car?We can only confirm fitment for the vehicles listed above under "vehicle compatibility". If your car is not listed there, then we don't know if it will fit.Is there anything else needed for installation?There is nothing else that is critical to the installation but offset rack spacers are a good idea to help with steering bind. Can I install this myself? If so how long will installation take?Yes, provided you have general mechanical knowledge as they are relitively straightforward. Installation time should be around 30 minutes. However, being a suspension component we recommend only a trained professional to install this productAre there any special tools required?No, a spanner set will do the job