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The GKTECH V2 hydraulic handbrake assembly is a pull type to be located in front of the shifter (towards the front of the car).

With our CNC machined aluminium handbrake handles the whole unit is lightweight although very strong after a significant amount of FEA to ensure loads were evenly distributed across the handbrake assembly.

Our handles are now available in silver, black, neo chrome, blue, pink, purple, gold, orange, red and if you truly want a bolt in solution, our chassis specific e-brake mounts allow for easy fitment (sold separately)  

If you don't want to piece a kit together yourself, check our our hydraulic handbrake bundles here: 

NOTE FOR INLINE MASTER CYLINDER OPTION: Can NOT be installed on cars with ABS still fitted however can be used in conjunction with our ABS delete kit

NOTE: Our handles are designed SPECIFICALLY for our hydraulic e-brake assemblies


Will this fit my car?This is a universal item that may fit any car. In saying that, it's always a good idea to inspect your own car to see if you have room to fit it. Note that we do sell car specific handbrake mounts to suit a range of Nissans, Toyota 86 etc. (sold separately) How do I know which size master cylinder to choose?Typically the 5/8 master cylinder is proven on an S/R/Z chassis running the single or two pot brakes, the lever feel with this master is balanced, having a longer more typical throw to gauge feel while still efficiently locking the rear brakes. The 3/4 master cylinder is larger, so when used in that same setup the lever feel will be more direct, firmer, and require less throw to lock the rear brakes. However, if you are running larger brakes/wheel tyre setup then the standard two pot and 235 width tyre and do require a bit more bite, we would suggest this master cylinder.What's the difference between this V2 assembly vs your lowline unit?The lowline unit is as the name suggests, low. If you're tight on space in your center console, this is the unit that you want. With the use of a master cylinder with a remote reservoir you can position the reservoir whereever is convenient for you.