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Ikeya Formula Sequential Gear Shifter - S15 200sx .

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The Ikeya Formula sequential shifter converts conventional H-pattern shift to a sequential up and down shift mechanism.

The clutch is still required, but the movement is dramatically simplified. The biggest mistake one can make when buying one of these shifters is not adding the Shift indicator. 100% of the time every customer comes back for the indicator and it has to match the serial number of the shifter. We have added the indicator with every purchase.


When you push down the shift lever, the drum in the SEQUENTIAL SHIFTER starts rotating. This drum has grooves which control the left and right movement of the lever. It means 1st ->2nd gear change produces a right direction movement due to slant cut grooves. This movement repeats from 1st gear ->5th gear.

The back and forth movement is controlled by rotating the crank which is connected with the drum by the gear. This crank rotation enables the crank plate which is connected to the shift lever to move back and forth. This crank plate moves left and right because of the bracket movement which is fitted in the grooves. Due to the combination of these two movements, if you pull down the lever from the neutral position, the lever pulls down to the left front. If you pull down the lever one more time, it moves to the front first, then moves to the right and then to the front direction again.

Nissan Silvia/180SX

The Nissan S13 Silvia and 180SX with either the SR20DET or CA18DET engine is available in two types, please see the images and the website link below to confirm the difference and which is suitable for your vehicle.

  • More information is available from the Ikeya Formula website in English.
  • Optional shift indicator display is available for separate purchase.

Please contact us or write in the comment section:

  • What type of vehicle the shifter is for
  • Whether the shifter is for Left or Right Hand Drive vehicle - most shifters are only available for RHD
  • If you order a shift indicator once again you must send us the serial number on the shifter so the correct indicator can be sent.  
  • These shifters only suit standard factory gearboxes. They will not suit any gearbox which has been modified

Please consider before purchase:

  • These shifters are MADE TO ORDER. Ikeya nor we keep them in stock.
    Once an order is placed there can be no refunds. The date of arrival has no relevance with an Ikeya Formula order. Customers have waited 6 months for a completed shifter.

Please Note:   Ikeya Formula - Sequential Shifter Nissan - Skyline - ECR33 - RB25DET IFBJ01005 and the Nissan - Skyline/350Z - CPV35/Z33 - VQ35DE - LHD - 6MT IFBJ03001 Ikeya Formula wont sell these unless 50 Units are ordered. This could take a year or more, and they can not provide us with a current wait time, because they do not know.


Note : this part is 2nd hand in near new condition .

Retails for = $2500 + brand new .