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Holinger Gearboxes work exceptionally well with clutchless upshifts, particularly when used in conjunction with a shift cut. A "shift-cut" momentarily interrupts the torque output of the engine, allowing the driver to rapidly change gear while maintaining wide-open throttle.

Holinger has developed a range of Shift Cut Gear Knobs that are installed directly onto the gear lever. It sends a signal to the Engine ECU during gear changes which can be programmed to interrupt the engine torque output.

H-pattern Shift: This allows the gear lever to be pushed or pulled in any direction, providing a trigger signal to the ECU. The ECU filters the signals to only cut torque during upshifts.

Sequential Shift: These can be configured for either a Digital or Analogue Signal. When in Digital mode it sends a trigger signal to the ECU only when being "pulled" during an up-change. When in Analogue mode it provides a proportional voltage signal to the ECU, depending on which direction it is either pushed or pulled. When used on a Sequential gearbox it can be particularly beneficial in cars that use a fly-by-wire throttle arrangement, allowing the Engine ECU to be programmed to cut torque for Up-Shifting and speed the engine up (or "throttle-blip") for Down-Shifting.