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Hks Adjustable Cam Gears - Duralumin - rb 20 / 25 / 26 dett .

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NEW version HKS cam pully made from Duralumin + Ni Plating

Duralumin is alloy of aluminum (over 90%) with copper (about 4%), magnesium (0.5%-1%), and manganese (less than l%). Before a final heat treatment the alloy is ductile and malleable; after heat treatment a reaction between the aluminum and magnesium produces increased hardness and tensile strength. Because of its lightness and other desirable physical properties, duralumin is widely used in the aircraft industry. material of both pulley part of an outer, and an inner plate portion to realize super-lightweight body.

Note: The listed price  is for a pair of cam pulleys intake & exhaust . 

These cam pulleys are to suit rb20 / rb25 / rb26 engines .

Here are the makes and models to suit such as r32 / r33  skyline gts- t , r32 / r33 / r34 skyline gtr vspec .