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Hi Octane Racing cam cover baffle kit is a great way address the blowby issues experienced with RB26 engines, especially under load. This baffle kit is designed to maximize crankcase ventilation and stop the oil coming out of your RB26 valve covers and entering your catch can (or intake!). The Hi Octane Racing baffle kit is similar in design to the popular but discontinued Mines RB26 valve cover baffle kit, and features a triple flow design to allow crankcase pressure out while keeping oil in, being completely E85 safe, this new and revised version have holes predrilled for engines which utilize cam cap studs and comes with E85 safe foam.

If you are experiencing problems with your R32 R33 or R34 Nissan Skyline GT-R pushing oil out of the valve cover breathers or simply want to do some pre-emptive planning, then this is the solution for you!

We also recommend coupling this product with our PRP Head drain kits, which can also help address excess crank case pressures and return excess oil from the cylinder head back into the sump, Click here to view PRP Head Drain Kits.