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The HFM.Parts BM57 Master Cylinder features a 17/16 inch (27mm) piston bore size and is suited to both ABS and Non-ABS setups.

Perfect for if you intend to increase your braking performance and reduce that spongy pedal, giving a shorter, firmer pedal.

Vehicle Compatibily
Nissan Z32 300ZX (LHD)
Nissan S13 240sx
Nissan S14 240sx

The product is suited for LHD models specifically. For the RHD variant, please refer to our other listing here: https://au.gktech.com/hfm-bm57-brake-master-cylinder

NOTE - If you have ABS you will need to block the middle port with the provided tapered grub screw.



My brake lines feed from the top/bottom, can I still use this Brake Master?Yes. Although our brake master is designed with side ports, most brake lines can be massaged around until they reach the brake master’s ports.

The fluid sensor connector is on the wrong side, what can I do?You can easily swap the sensor connector to either side of the BM57 by following these steps.On the terminal side, push a small flat screwdriver in between the sensor connector and the bottom of the reservoir to lightly pry apart the lock tab. On the opposite side of the sensor connector, push through to pop it out. This is much easier to do prior to installation!