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We have developed an OEM replacement inner tie rod with more adjustment than any other tie rod available. After setting up our own cars we quickly discovered that there are a heap of factors that determine the tie rod length required such as whether you are running rack spacers or not, the knuckles (or steering kit) that you're running and then the length of your LCA. These variables create a near endless amount of variables that we narrowed down to a 255mm overall length tie rod and we also included adjustment for those needing to reduce the length of the tie rod. The final product as shown in the photos compared to the OEM unit. 

- Adjustable from 71mm through to 255mm
- Rod is manufactured from HRC 25-28 Steel with PTFE (Teflon) lined maintenance free bearing
- 50 degrees range of motion (25 degrees misalignment)  
- 5mm Lock washer built in to allow for more steering lock
- Sold individually

Vehicle Compatibility:
- Toyota ZN6 86 
- Subaru ZC6 BRZ

NOTE: It's not uncommmon for the tie rod needing to be cut down. This is very easy to do and very much a DIY install. 


How hard are these to install?Remove your old tie rods, measure where these need to be cut in length and install them. It's a very self explanatory install and shouldn't take longer than 30 minutes.

Will this fit my car?If your car is listed above then the tie rods will fit however they may also fit other setups not listed but we can't be sure.

Do I need a wheel alignment after installing these?Unless you get the length spot on perfect, you will need a wheel alignment after installation.