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The GKTECH high tensile offset rack extenders offer 2 primary benefits; offset rack spacer moving the rack forward to eliminate steering bind on high lock setups and they offer more steering rack travel which in turn gives more steering lock. 

Offset rack spacers are a great alternative to moving the steering rack forward. Relocating the steering rack is expensive and in some cases just not possible. 

In addition to relocating the pickup point this rack spacer set offers a grand total of 10mm of rack travel equating to around 5 degrees of extra lock without compromising on the amount of thread left in the steering rack. 


- DIY installation 
- CNC machined high tensile zinc coated 4130 steel 

Vehicle Compatibility: 
- Toyota ZN6 86 
- Subaru ZC6 BRZ

NOTE: Modification of the cross member is required. We make a weld in kit with cutting guide to suit (sold separately)



How do these steering rack spacers work?By moving the mounting point of the inner tie rod forward 30mm steering bind is eliminated. In addition, it allows the steering rack to travel an extra 10mm. That extra 10mm of rack travel gives approximately 5 degrees more lock (assuming you have adequate clearance elsewhere)

I've installed the rack spacer and I've got a heap of toe in, what happened?After you have centred your rack (this is CRUCIAL) you will need a wheel alignment. You may also need need to either trim your inner tie rods down to counteract the length that you've just put into the length of the rack or go to an inner with more adjustment. Whether you need to trim the tie rods down depends on your setup. Do NOT trim too much off or else you'll need to get a new tie rod and only trim down once you've centered the rack. What is the purpose of the weld in kit?When installing an offset rack spacer on a GT86/BRZ it is necessary to notch (aka cut) a section of the front subframe out for clearance. To make this process easier, we have made this weld in kit.