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When installing wheel spacers in conjunction with the OEM wheels you often run into issues with the factory flange style wheel nuts. Wheel spacers (including ours) often have longer studs which bottom out inside the OEM nuts. To get around this we have made these adapters which allow the use of a 60° tapered wheel nut in conjunction with the OEM wheels. Now you can use any off the shelf 60° tapered wheel nut.

- Machined from 6061-T6 aluminium
- Sold as a set of 20
- Made specifically for use on Z34 370z's or V36 Skylines but may also fit other vehicles

NOTE: Must only be used in conjunction with extended studs. The OEM length studs will not have enough thread engagement.


Will these fit my car?We can only confirm fitment on the Z34 370z or V36 Skyline but the adapters may fit other vehicles

Can I use these without extended wheel studs?No, absolutely not. These need extended wheel studs on either the wheel spacers that you're using or extended wheel studs in your hub (like the ones we sell) if it's just a switch to tapered wheel nuts that you're after. Adequate thread engagement is critical!