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Save your sump with this under engine bash plate. This is designed with low cars in mind and will reduce the risk of damage. It will also help reduce turbulence and improve airflow.

- 3.0mm thick aluminium for the bash plate. 1.5mm for front bumper retainer. 
- 100% bolt on to factory mounting points

Vehicle Compatibility:
- Nissan Z34 370z

NOTE: The front bumper retainer is designed specifically for the OEM or Nismo bumper. It may not fit with other bumpers. 

NOTE #2: Installation of either the bash plate or front bumper retainer requires an M6x1.0 rivnut to be installed. If you have rivnuts already you don't need to select this option.  


Will this fit on a V36/G37?It will not. This has been designed specifically for the Z34 370zDo you sell bash plates for other cars?We only sell the products listed on our website. If it's not listed on here, then we don't sell it. We don't do any custom work. Sorry.

Will this bash plate fit with my aftermarket sump?Providing that your sump doesn’t sit below the K frame then this bash plate will fit.

Will this bash plate fit with my aftermarket swaybar?Providing that your swaybar doesn’t sit higher than the level of the K frame (which is the line that the bash plate follows) then you’ll be fine. Almost all swaybars sit below the level of the K frame however please check your vehicle before purchasing.


I’m running a different engine in my car, will this bash plate fit?Providing that your sump doesn’t sit below the K frame and that you’re running the standard K frame meant for the vehicle that you’re buying the bash plate for, then this bash plate will fit.


Do I need to modify anything for the bash plate to fit?There shouldn’t be any need for anything to be modified to fit the bash plate. 

Will I still be able to drain the oil from my sump with the bash plate fitted?The bash plate is bolted on and although it does take 30 seconds to unbolt it our bash plate provides MAXIMUM protection for your oil pan.