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Bolt in product and completely reversible with high clearance bracket that can be easily installed and removed without the need to drop the subframe. This bracket is designed to be used alongside the rear knuckles to increase anti-squat back to a desired value on a lowered car. The anti-squat change also has additional benefits such as ensuring the suspension is not overused and as a result keeps the camber gain in check. The characteristics of the bump steer curve have been completely changed as a result of the relocation bracket, now under both extension and compression the car will now toe in to increase forward bite and grip both on and off throttle. Some additional benefit can be found in conjunction with reduced spring rates in the rear as a result of the additional anti-squat
  • Raises upper arm pickup by 45mm
  • Constructed from high strength 4130 chromoly steel
  • No subframe modifications or chassis clearance required (unless the car is low with subframe risers)
  • Optimised bump steer for additional grip
  • Slight reduction in camber gain
  • Correction to roll centre

Vehicle Compatibility:
- Nissan Z33 350z
- Nissan V35 Skyline