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Avoid wasting time shopping around for all the individual parts, getting custom brake lines made up, or running generic parts that may or may not work. 

The GKTECH S-chassis dual calliper hydraulic handbrake setup is the only COMPLETE kit available anywhere. Literally, everything required is included and it's a range of GKTECH and Wilwood components. If you have an S-chassis and you want your rear brakes to lock up in an instant, this kit is the way to go. 

Now available with our hidden hydraulic handbrake assembly for that stealth OEM look and feel in your cabin.

The contents: 

Hidden handbrake assembly: 
Self explanatory, this is the handbrake assembly that houses master cylinder and converts your OEM cable setup into a lever to engage the master cylinder. 

Master cylinder:
Choose between 5/8" and 3/4". For the Wilwood 2 pot calipers our recommendation is 5/8" but more on that below in the FAQ's. 

Dual caliper brackets:
The bracket that allows the Wilwood caliper to fit on your knuckle. Note: can only be used with OEM steel knuckles. Will not work with GT-R, R34 or Z32 aluminum knuckles. 

Braided lines:
Made in-house in Australia using quality HEL stainless steel fittings and using stainless steel braided line with a PTFE outer these lines are made specifically to suit Nissan S chassis and even include the P clips to locate the line throughout your vehicle.

Brake calipers:
We have opted for the Wilwood 120-10188 caliper for this setup. They are a small but bitey caliper and only caliper that we found to work with the OEM 9mm thick rotors. 

Brake pads:
Over the years we have tested many brake pads with these calipers and ended up at the Wilwood BP-10's. They're economical, readily available, very bitey and last. 

Axle spacers:
As our dual caliper bracket spaces the hub out 7mm this results in the driveshaft essentially being stretched that 7mm to compensate for the thickness of the plate. This can now be taken up with the use of an axle spacer.

We have different sized options available as it is also a good opportunity to select a different size axle spacer if you were running a different diff/driveshafts combination or have a very low vehicle.

Vehicle Compatibility:
- Nissan 180sx
- Nissan S13 Silvia
- Nissan S14 200SX
- Nissan S15 200SX
- Nissan A31 Cefiro

NOTE: If you are running standard hubs/knuckles the 5mm axle spacer is required
NOTE#2: Will NOT fit European delivered S-chassis' without the use of JDM or USDM calipers/rotors.
NOTE#3: Designed to be used with standard S-chassis 9mm rear rotors
NOTE#4: The wilwood calipers have a mounting hole of 3/8inch (9.52mm) and the studs used on our brackets are 10mm and as such the 2 mounting holes needs to be drilled out on the calipers to 10mm. This is very much a DIY kit and is easy to do.
NOTE#5: The brackets themselves will NOT fit the Gktech rear drop knuckle
NOTE#6: For the axle spacers, we can only confirm fitment on OEM wheel bearings


What's the difference between non hidden and your hidden handbrake setup?Our hidden handbrake assembly uses the OEM lever and the assembly itself can be hidden under the center console. The advantage of using the OEM lever is that you'll still have a locking handbrake for parking and your interior will look untouched. Will these work with Skyline rear rotors (or others)?No, this kit is designed to be used with the S-chassis 9mm thick rear rotors. However we dp make a dual 2 pot Nissan (Skyline/Z32) specific caliper kit also. Please refer to our other listings

I've heard dual caliper brackets push your hub out?Yes, some can as much as 12mm however our brackets only push the hub out 6mm, which is also why we have axle spacers included. 

Is there anything else needed for installation?Besides brake fluid, everything is included in the kit. BYO tools.How do I know what size axle spacer to choose?This kit comes with a bracket that is needed to mount the dual caliper bracket, this bracket goes between the hub and the knuckle.By installing this bracket you are spacing the hub out 6mm, this is taken up by the driveshaft.This causing the bearings inside the driveshaft to run on the edge of the cup, which can lead to premature failures.We suggest adding axle spacers to put the stretched amount back into the driveshaft to ensure it runs further inside the cup and in turn is stronger and more reliable.We recommend checking which size you need by jacking your car up and dropping it down on ramps, this will load the suspension to its normal operating height. From there, disconnect the diff to driveshaft bolts and with the driveshaft in a relaxed position measure the gap.Keep in mind the distance of the plate that is supplied with this kit and factor that into the final number, that will tell you what size axle spacer you need.How do I know which size master cylinder to choose?Typically the 5/8 master cylinder is proven on an S/R/Z chassis running the single or two pot brakes, the lever feel with this master is balanced, having a longer more typical throw to gauge feel while still efficiently locking the rear brakes. The 3/4 master cylinder is larger, so when used in the same setup the lever feel will be more direct, firmer, and require less throw to lock the rear brakes.