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The GKTECH screwdriver key ends are an awesome addition for any import. You can either use one of our blank key inserts (available to purchase for $4) or trim down your own key and insert it into the screwdriver end. 

NOTE: Will NOT work with cars fitted with transponders 


Will this work with my car key?We can't be 100% sure but it will suit just about any car key as long as it does not have a transponder. We don't know if you car key has a transponder built into it but if you have a look at your car keys, it's pretty easy to see.

What blank car keys do you have?We only have 2 different blank car keys which are available for purchase at $4 each and you can select one at the time of ordering the blank end. They suit S13, S13, 180sx, S14, S15 (not Australian delivered as it has a transponder), A31, A33, R31, R32, R33, N14, RNN14, Z31, Z32, C33

Can I trim my current key down to size to suit the screwdriver end?It's pretty straight forward and if you've got a grinder and you know how to turn the grinder on, you should be fine. You need to trim the key end down to 20mm's in width and it can't be thicker than 2.0mm's and you can slide it right into the hole and it is then secured with a grub screw that's hidden in the side of the screwdriver end.Do you make these in any other colours?No, we only make these in the colour shown and we have no intention of making any other colours. Sorry.