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The GKTECH over the radiator oil catch can is manufactured from stainless steel and is a direct fit on the standard radiator fan shroud. The catch can has a baffle plate between the inlet and outlet to ensure splashing of oil out the outlet port is kept to a minimum. 1.68L capacity. Includes hose and clamps to suit. Available in either polished or powder coated black

Vehicle Compatibility: 
- Nissan S14/S14a 200sx 
- Nissan S15 200sx

NOTE: For S13/180sx oil catch cans refer to our other listings 
NOTE#2: Can ONLY be used if you're not running the standard style intercooler cross over pipe.


What is the outside diameter of the outlets?15mmWill the S14 brackets also fit an S15?Yes, the brackets are the same between S14 and S15's. Which outlet goes where?When facing the front of the catch can when fitted to the shroud, the left outlet is to go to the rocker cover breather and the right outlet is to go to the intake pipe.I have X radiator and shroud, which catch can do I order?The catch cans are radiator and shroud specific, so order based off which model radiator and shroud you have fitted.