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The GKTECH steering shaft bush will increase your steering response. The feedback that the stock steering rack provides to the driver can sometimes be a bit unpredictable, but with this product response is transferred all the time. A must for the serious driver, both street and track.

Available in either;
- ShA 80 Polyurethane
- 6061 T6 Aluminium

Both are a direct replacement of the standard rubber bush.

Vehicle Compatibility:
- Nissan Silvia S13
- Nissan 180sx
- Nissan R31 Skyline (Confirm width before purchasing)
- Nissan Skyline R32 GTS
- Nissan Skyline R32 GTST
- Nissan Skyline R32 GTS-4
- Nissan Skyline R32 GTR
- Nissan Z32 300zx

Note: Some R31 models came with a larger 20mm spacer, our spacer is 10mm.
Note: For those with relocated steering racks, use our extended steering shaft bush seen here: https://au.gktech.com/solid-aluminium-extended-steering-shaft-bush


What's the advantage of a steering shaft spacer?The steering shaft spacer is a direct replacement of the standard rubber bush. As you can imagine, a rubber bush that big, can’t be good particularly after 15-20+ years. Upgrading to our polyurethane steering shaft spacer gives you a much more direct feel of the steering.

Will this fit my car?Please refer to the confirmed vehicle list in the item description. We do not sell any items that aren’t listed on our website and if we haven’t confirmed fitment on your car, then we don’t know if it will fit or not. Note that S14's, S15's, R33's and R34's do NOT have a rubber spacer like the earlier models and as such this modification isn't possible on these cars.

How long does it take to install this steering shaft spacer?The steering shaft spacer will take around 1 hour to install with the engine in the car. If for some reason you don’t have the engine in the car, it will only take 5 minutes or so to install the spacer.

Is this steering shaft spacer something I could install myself?Yes, it’s certainly not a difficult job to install the spacer, it’s just time consuming and you need some patience (and small hands)