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The GKTECH S/R chassis bush removal/installation tool set has been designed to reduce the amount of tears, blood and sweat generally required when removing your knuckle bushings from an S or R chassis. With 3 bushes on the OEM knuckle general tool access is pretty limited for both removal and installation. As a result of our own frustration, this kit was designed. This kit has been designed specifically for the Nissan S and R chassis rear knuckles.

- Includes heavy duty grade 10.9 rod
- Can be used for both removal and installation

Vehicle Compatibility:
- Nissan 180sx
- Nissan S13 Silvia
- Nissan S14 200SX
- Nissan S15 200SX
- Nissan Skyline R32 GTS-T
- Nissan Skyline R32 GTR
- Nissan Skyline R33 GTS-T
- Nissan Skyline R33 GTR
- Nissan Skyline R34 GTT
- Nissan Skyline R34 GTR
- Nissan C33
- Nissan C34
- Nissan C35
- Nissan A31 Cefiro
- Nissan 300zx Z32


Can I use these tools myself at home?Using the removal tool set it pretty straightforward and certainly makes the removal of your OEM knuckle bushes much easier than the alternate methods. This tool set can be used with basic mechanical knowledge for both removal and installation.My car has HICAS. Will this work with the HICAS ball joint? No, it will not. This will only work with camber, traction and toe knuckle bushes. My car has a bush for the strut mount. Will this work with the this bush? No, it will not. This will only work with camber, traction and toe knuckle bushings.