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When installing a hydraulic handbrake in your car, you'd typically have to drill holes or weld a bracket in place. With the value of S-chassis' on the increase and the desire for people to not want to have to chop/cut/drill/weld to their cars, we have made these brackets. This bracket bolts to the stock gearbox shifter hole and allows you to fit our hydraulic handbrake assembly without modifications to either the gearbox tunnel or even the center console.

- 100% direct fit with no modifications required to the gearbox tunnel or center console
- Available for either S13/180sx/240sx or S14 and fits both LHD and RHD variants.
- Laser cut from 5mm thick 4130 Chromoly sheet and zinc coated for longevity
- Includes 4x replacement M6x20mm bolts


Will this work with "insert brand of hydraulic hyandbrake here"?No, this bracket is designed specifically for our hydraulic handbrake assembly. We do however make a universal type blank plate. Please refer to that listing for use with alternate brand handbrake assemblies as seen here: https://au.gktech.com/s13-180sx-s14-s15-hydraulic-handbrake-bolt-on-mount-universal-type 

Are any permanent modifications required to fit this bracket?No, you do not need to make any permanent modifications to your vehicle to fit this bracket and this bracket has been designed so that no modifications are required to the center console in either a LHD or RHD S13 Silvia/180sx/S13 240sx. 

* S13 SILVIA / 180SX OPTION  !