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Steel slimline open ended lug nuts to suit aftermarket rims (60° taper)

- Available in either M12x1.25 or M12x1.5 thread
- 55mm's in length
- 60° taper to suit aftermarket rims (will NOT seat properly with standard rims)
- 17mm hex head
- Manufactured from steel (not aluminium that will strip)
- Sold as a pack of 20

Note: Does not ship with a 17mm socket. 

Matching Lock Nuts can be found HERE


Do you sell these individually or in a smaller pack size?No, we only have these available in packs of 20. We don't sell these individually or in any smaller pack sizes.

Do you sell any other size lug nuts?We only sell the products listed on our website. If it's not listed on here, then we don't sell it. We don't do any custom work. Sorry.

Do you have any other colours?Yes! See our listing here for all the different colours we have - Open End Lug Nuts (pack Of 20)

Will these lug nuts fit my car?We have lug nuts available in M12x1.25 which fit most Nissans (and possibly other cars) and we also have M12x1.5 thread pitch. Select the colour and thread pitch at the time of ordering.What is the maximum outside diameter of the lug nuts?The maximum outside diameter is 23mm

What should i torque the wheel nuts to?As per the Nissan service manual, wheel nuts should be torqued to 98-118nm (72-87 ft-lb).