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The GKTECH hub centric rings are CNC Machined billet aluminum and are designed to fill the gap between the hub of your car and the center bore of the rim. This ensures that the rim is sitting 100% centered on the hub and eliminates vibrations which can lead to loose nuts, unnecessary stress on the wheel studs and potential loss of a wheel. These hub centric rings having an internal diameter of 56.1mm (Toyota/Subaru)

Available in a range of different sizes to suit different wheel center bores. Perfect for use with our spacers. 

- 56.1mm ID to 66.1mm outside diameter 
- 56.1mm ID to 72.56mm outside diameter
- 56.1mm ID to 73mm outside diameter 
- 56.1mm ID to 74.1mm outside diameter 

NOTE: Sold as a PAIR



Do you sell any other sized hub centric rings?Yes we sell also hub-centric rings that are 66.1mm ID 

Will these hub centric rings fit my car?56.1mm is the hub size of most Toyota's and Subaru's (i.e ZN6/ZC6, WRC etc) however besides these cars, we don't know. That said, Google is a very useful tool, use that instead of asking us if these will fit your car as we don't know the answer.

Will these hub centric rings fit my rims?Depending on the inside diamter of rims, that said please ensure that these will suit your rims before buying, possibly measure if you can or check the specs of the rims. Please don't ask us if these will suit your rims as we don't know. That said, Google is a very useful and probably has the answer to your question.