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The GKTECH slip on spacers allow for adjustment of the fitment of your wheels.

The wheel spacers are hub centric to suit Nissans 66.1mm hub and are manufactured to the highest quality in T6061 Aluminium and then hard anodized to further increase the strength

Available in 3mm, 5mm, 8mm, 10mm, 15mm or 20mm

NOTE: Sold as a PAIR 

NOTE#2: 5mm onwards To suit a 73.00mm wheel bore. Will NOT fit with OEM Nissan wheels. 

NOTE#3: Sizes 5mm+ Must be used with extended wheel studs (like the ones we sell here: https://au.gktech.com/20mm-extended-wheel-studs)


Sizes (width) PCD Centre bore Wheel bore
3mm 4/5x114.3 66.1mm N/A
5mm 4/5x114.3 66.1mm To suit 73mm wheel
8mm 4/5x114.3 66.1mm To suit 73mm wheel
10mm 4/5x114.3 66.1mm To suit 73mm wheel
15mm 4/5x114.3 66.1mm  To suit 66.1mm wheel
20mm 4/5x114.3 66.1mm  To suit 66.1mm wheel


Do I need longer studs to run these wheel spacers?For 3mm spacers Probably not. This comes down to your wheel choice (they all differ a little in design), the rotor hat thickness (can vary a little between brands), and the wheel nuts you're running. In most cases I'd say it's probably safe at 3mm to not run extended studs but it is situational and we do suggest checking that you do have ample thread when securing your wheel nuts. If you aren't sure, take your car to a professional.

For 5mm/8mm/10mm and 15mm, yes, your standard studs are only 26mm in length so spacing them out an extra 5mm+ without the use of longer wheel studs is probably not possible, and if so would be very dangerous.Do you sell spacers with other bolt patterns?No, if it's not listed on our website then we don't sell it. We don't do any custom work. SorryWhat's the difference between these slip on spacers and others available?These wheel spacers are hub centric which means that they ensure that your wheel sits perfectly central to the hub of your vehicle. What hub size are these spacers made for?These spacers are made to suit Nissans which are 66.1mm and as such the spacers have an ID of 66.1mm and an OD of 73.00mm