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When modifying your car, it's common to use wheel spacers. If you are using slip-on spacers, it is recommended to change your studs to accommodate for the loss of thread on the standard studs.

Wheel studs are an important part of your car, don't overlook the fact that even a 5mm slip-on spacer can still create excess stress on your studs. Not only are you reducing excess stress, but you are also ensuring there is a safe amount of thread on your wheel nut. Safety is important and ensuring your wheel nuts are engaged correctly is everything! 

Available in either 12,8mm, 13.0mm spline or 14.3mm knurl size.

- +20mm in length over factory wheel studs
- M12x1.25 thread
- Grade 10.9 studs 

NOTE: Sold as a pack of 10

Please refer to the fitment guide to see which studs you need!

S13/Silvia/180sx S13 All Models 13.0mm 12.8mm
200sx S14 All Models 14.3mm 13.0mm
  S15 All Models 14.3mm 13.0mm
Skyline/Skyline GTR R31 All Models 13.0mm 13.0mm
  R32 All Models 14.3mm 13.0mm
  R33 All Models 14.3mm 13.0mm
  R34 All Models 14.3mm 13.0mm
  V35 All Models 14.3mm 14.3mm
  CPV35 All Models 14.3mm 14.3mm
GTR R35 All Models 14.3mm 14.3mm
Cefiro A31 2WD Models 13.0mm 13.0mm
Laruel C33 All Models 13.0mm 13.0mm
  C34 All Models 14.3mm 13.0mm
  C35 All Models 14.3mm 13.0mm
Fairlady Z Z32 All Models 14.3mm 13.0mm
  Z33 All Models 14.3mm 14.3mm
  Z34 All Models 14.3mm 14.3mm
Cedric/Gloria Y31 All Models 13.0mm 13.0mm
  Y32 All Models 13.0mm 14.3mm
  Y33 2WD Models 13.0mm 14.3mm
    4WD Models 14.3mm 14.3mm
  Y34 Except RB Engine Models 13.0mm 14.3mm
  Y34 RB Engine Models 14.3mm 14.3mm
Cima FY32 2WD Models 13.0mm 14.3mm
    4WD Models 14.3mm 14.3mm
  FY33 All Models 13.0mm 14.3mm
  FY50 Until Aug. 03' 14.3mm 13.0mm
    From Aug. 03' 14.3mm 14.3mm
Stagea WC34 All Models 14.3mm 13.0mm
  M35 All Models 14.3mm 14.3mm