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OEM GENUINE PARTS=Timing Chain Kit (SR20) "S13-180sx-S14-S15-N14-N15-P10-P11

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Need to do your 100k service? Then you need to replace that worn out timing chain...

This kit comes with either the upgraded S15 (OEM) timing chain tensioner or the TAARKS billet mechanical tensioner. Use the drop down box above to make your selection. 

This kit includes:
1x Timing Chain
1x Fixed Chain Guide
1x Adjustable Chain Guide
1x Timing Chain Tensioner
1x Tensioner Gasket
1x Pivot Bolt
2x Bolts

S13 Silvia (SR20DE)
S13 Silvia (SR20DET)
RPS13 180sx (SR20DE)
RPS13 180sx (SR20DET)
S14 Silvia 200sx (SR20DE)
S14 Silvia 200sx (SR20DET)
S15 Silvia 200sx (SR20DE)
S15 Silvia 200sx (SR20DET)
N14 Pulsar (SR20DE)
N14 GTiR Pulsar (SR20DET)
N15 SSS Pulsar (SR20DE)
P10 Primera (SR18DE)
P10 Primera (SR20DE)
​P11 Primera (SR20DE)
​P11 Primera (SR20VE)