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OEM GENUINE PARTS=Radiator Lower Rubber Mount "S13-180sx-S14-S15-A31-C33"

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Genuine Nissan Radiator Lower Rubber Mount.

Is your radiator loose, sitting low or have you just lost the rubber mounts?

Grab your new mounts here.

**SOLD INDIVIDUALLY, 2 required.

S13 Silvia "CA18DE"
S13 Silvia "CA18DET"
S13 Silvia "SR20DE"
S13 Silvia "SR20DET"
RPS13 180sx "CA18DE"
RPS13 180sx "CA18DET"
RPS13 180sx "SR20DE"
RPS13 180sx "SR20DET"
S14 Silvia 200sx "SR20DE"
S14 Silvia 200sx "SR20DET"
S15 Silvia 200sx "SR20DE"
S15 Silvia 200sx "SR20DET"
A31 Cefiro "RB20D"
A31 Cefiro "RB20DT" (Note: Will not fit 4WD Models)
​A31 Cefiro "RB20E"
​A31 Cefiro "RB25D"
​C33 Laurel "CA18I"
​C33 Laurel "RB20E"
​​C33 Laurel "RB20D"
​​C33 Laurel "RB20DT"
​​C33 Laurel "RB25D"
​​C33 Laurel "RD28"