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OEM GENUINE PARTS=PCV Valve Grommet Insulator"S14-S15-T30-P11-P12-R33-R34-R35

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Genuine Nissan PCV Valve Insulator. 

​When replacing your PCV valve this should get replaced too as the rubber gets hard and doesn’t seal properly over time.

S14 Silvia 200sx
S15 Silvia 200sx
T30 X-Trail (SR20vet)
R33 Skyline (RB25de)
R33 Skyline (RB25det)
R34 Skyline (RB25de)
R34 Skyline (RB25det)
R35 GTR (11/2007 to 01/2008)
WC34 Stagea (RB25)
C34 Laurel (RB25)
C35 Laurel (RB20)
C35 Laurel (RB25)
​N15 Pulsar (GA16DE)
N15 Pulsar (SR20DE)
N16 Pulsar (QG16DE)
N16 Pulsar (QG18DE)
P11 Primera (SR20ve)
P12 Primera (SR20ve)
Y61 Patrol GU (TB48DE)
A32 Maxima (VQ30DE)