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OEM GENUINE PARTS=Head Bolt (SR20)"S13-180sx-S14-S15-P11-P12-T30"

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These should be replaced every time the head is removed as they stretch. These are genuine Nissan.


10 required.

S13 Silvia (SR20)
RPS13 180sx (SR20)
S14 Silvia 200sx
S15 Silvia 200sx
P11 Primera (SR20de)
P11 Primera (SR20ve)
P12 Primera (SR20ve)
T30 X-Trail (SR20vet)

Note: This product may not be supplied in Nissan packaging,
but rest assured it is Genuine Nissan. These parts are supplied in bags
containing a QTY of 10, we will then split this up for sale to our customers.