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OEM GENUINE PARTS=Fuel Tank O-Ring "S13-180sx-R32-R35-V35-V36-Z32-Z33-Z34-C33

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If your replacing your fuel pump then you will need one of these. The original ones stretch and never go back into place properly.

S13 Silvia
RPS13 180sx
R32 Skyline (RB20)
V35 Skyline
V36 Skyline
Z32 300zx
Z33 350z
Z34 350z
C33 Laurel "All Variations" 
D22 Navara "All Variations" 
Y60 Patrol GQ "All Variations" 
Y61 Patrol GU "All Variations" 
A31 Cefiro

Note: This product may not be supplied in Nissan packaging,
but rest assured it is Genuine Nissan. These parts are supplied in bags
containing a QTY of 2, we will then split this up for sale to our customers.