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OEM GENUINE PARTS=Cam Cap Bolt "S13-180sx-S14-S15-N14-N15

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There are 3 different lengths. They are measured from underneath the bolt head to the end of the bolt. Cam cap bolts are late model flange type that do not require a washer underneathe.

Short = 38mm
Medium = 55mm
Long = 66mm

**SR20's use 2x Long, 8x Medium & 10x Short for a full set.

These bolts suit a range of Nissan engines, please measure your existing bolts when ordering.

S13 Silvia  " SR20 "
RPS13 180sx " SR20 "
S14 Silvia 200sx " SR20 "
S15 Silvia 200sx " SR20 "
N14 Pulsar " SR20 "
N15 Pulsar " SR20 "

Note: This product may not be supplied in Nissan packaging,
but rest assured it is Genuine Nissan. These parts are supplied in bags
containing a QTY of 10, we will then split this up for sale to our customers.