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OEM GENUINE PARTS=Alternator Belt (SR20) "S13-S14-S15-C23" 5PK935

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Genuine nissan/pitwork fan belt.

Use only the best genuine parts when servicing your pride and joy!

Size: 5PK935

S13 Silvia "SR20DE"
S13 Silvia "SR20DET"
RPS13 180sx "SR20DE"
RPS13 180sx "SR20DET"
S14 Silvia 200sx "SR20DE"
S14 Silvia 200sx "SR20DET"
S15 Silvia 200sx "SR20DE"
S15 Silvia 200sx "SR20DET"
C23 Serena "SR20DE"

Note: Pitwork is a brand name owned by Nissan, belts are now sold under the pitwork name but are still Genuine Nissan.