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Origin Labo , Aftermarket , 55mm Wider & Twin Vented , Fibreglass , Front Guards , S13 Silvia

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Latest release from origin labo are these 55mm , front guards / fenders . Here we have are some brand new , pair of aftermarket , fibreglass , wider & Twin Vented , to suit nissan s13 silvia , they are a direct replacement of the stock metal guard and definately for someone who wants to fit wider front wheels to fill up all that space for wider track and lower it without scrubbing as well as whilst on steering lock .

They come in white delco . 

Also they are lightweight fibreglass from the stock heavy metal material . 

these products are represented by a well known drifter in japan called naoki nakamura as some of you might know for his famous colour schemes on his cars , as for team burst .

Dimensions =