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Dri , Aftermarket,Front Maximum Steering Knuckles,Nissan S13 Silvia/180sx,S14/S15 200sx

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Here we have are some 2nd hand / used , stock , front knuckles that have been custom modified for extra steering lock geometry under the front end .

Please Note = sold as a bare knuckle with exchange of your stock unmodified front pair of steering knuckles !

To use these knuckles we advice to purchase some brand new , offset rack spacers we also sell , as the tie rod length wont reach the knuckle to have the correct wheel alignment specifications . also brand new uras style tie rods with pillow ball tie rod ends to suit . last but not least either s15 200sx or r33 skyline gts-t stock front lower control arms . or even better some extended 35mm to get rid of tyre rubbering on the inner wheel arch well of your vehicle .