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Defi Link Temperature Sensor Kit .

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Brand: DEFI
Product: Repair and Optional parts - Temperature Sensor
Part Num: PDF00903S

Sensor Reading Type: Temperature
- Optional part for Defi-Link Control Unit II
- Optional part for Defi-Link Display
- Optional part for VSD X, VSD CONCEPT
- Replacement part for Defi-Link Meter and Meter BF
- Replacement part for Defi Racer Gauge
- Replacement part for Defi DIN-Gauge

The DEFI Repair and Optional parts - Temperature Sensor is a replacement sensor for the DEFI meters. We have made this sensor available for those with damaged sensors or those who have bought a second hand Defi meter but were not supplied with the needed sensor. Included is the sensor as well as the sensor to control unit harness.