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Defi Link Advance Control Unit .

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Brand: DEFI
Product: Advance Control Unit
Part Num: DF07703

- Interactive communication advanced system is implemented.
- ADVANCE Control Unit can control up to 7 Defi-Link Meter ADVANCE CRs and ADVANCE BFs all in at a time. (Ex. 4 ADVANCE CRs and 3 ADVANCE BFs)
- Gauges can be controlled from distance with the included switch unit.
- Opening and closing modes can be selected from 2 variations.
- The installation of additional gauges is easy. Just connect it with the other two gauges and attach the wire to Advance Control Unit.
- Power Indicator of ADVANCE Control Unit assures correct wiring.
- Warning by buzzer sound when the warning LED is on (buzzer sound can be turned on / off).
- Peak value and warning value during driving are stored. Driving data can be stored and replayed up to 3 minutes.
- With both fuel pressure gauge and turbo installed, differential pressure can be monitored on the fuel pressure gauge screen.
- ADVANCE Control Unit is threadably mountable.

- Defi-Link ADVANCE SYSTEM is the next generation system that adopted the interactive communication. This product is part of the Defi-Link ADVANCE SYSTEM, therefore is only compatible with Defi-Link ADVANCE SYSTEM line. This product is NOT compatible with the Defi-Link SYSTEM line.

The DEFI Link Advance Control Unit is essential for the installation of the Advance gauges. This control unit is part of the Defi Link Advance System which will allow you to connect 6 different gauges plus a tachometer to it which makes installation of additional gauges very simple. The Advance Control Unit has the ability to store data and replay up to 3 minutes of playback. It also has the ability to set warning and will blink and beep to warn of dangerous conditions of the engine. As soon as the car is turned on, the gauges come to life and give an awesome opening ceremony and give an ending ceremony when the vehicle is turned off again. The new in-wire remote with white back lighting means you no longer have to have the entire unit clotting up your dash .